Our Cooking Podcast…Coming Soon!

Something new and exciting is making its way to your favorite podcast stations late April . . . a Cook Smarts podcast!

  • By Jess Dang
  • April 2, 2019

So I’ve got some really exciting news — Cook Smarts is launching a podcast, and it’ll be hosted by yours truly. We’ve already got a bunch of episodes taped, and I don’t want you to miss any of them, so make sure you subscribe in iTunes, Stitcher, or whatever you use to listen to your podcasts.

Our first episode is definitely not to be missed. It’s a new parent’s survival guide to feeding yourself but has great lessons for every busy person wanting to get a better meal prep system in place. It’s going live in mid-April right around when I start my maternity leave. So even though I’ll be taking a little bit of time off, you’ll still be hearing from me.

As I said before, we’ve got lots of great topics planned to help you become a more organized and efficient cook — anything to make you a smarter cook, and many of them were suggestions from our community, of course. We’ll also be interviewing some of our members and giving you a behind-the-scenes sneak peek into our business from time to time too. If you have a question or topic you’d like me to cover, just email us at hello@cooksmarts.com or just leave us a comment below.

I’m so excited to spend even more time with you all, whether it’s in your kitchen, car, gym, or wherever you listen to your podcasts. Again, remember to subscribe so you don’t miss our first episode when it goes live and all the ones to follow.

Meet you back here in a few weeks! Until then, happy cooking from your kitchen cheerleader.

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Cook Smarts Cooking Podcast with Jess Dang


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