Meal Plan Menu | Week of 4/16/18

Meal Plan Menu | Week of 4/16/18

After scrambling to file everything properly by Tax Day, let our weekly meal plan menu give you a much-needed break with 30-minute dinners.

  • By Brittany Yamamoto-Taylor
  • April 13, 2018

In a society that stays so busy and has so many employment types, filing taxes usually adds substantial stress to the month of April. We want to give you a breath of fresh air directly after tax season with quick and easy dinners you can easily make at home. Take those extra hours of free time this week to tackle tasks you put on the back burner, catch a couple movies, or even just get to bed at a more decent hour.

Enjoy these three features in this week’s menu:


Cooking doesn’t have to take forever to be mouthwatering. And when you are coming off of a busy week, there is nothing more convenient than quick and easy meals that don’t compromise on health and quality. This week, all four of our recipes take 30-35 active minutes of cooking.


In this week’s menu, lime, lemon, and cilantro abound! The light but potent aromas epitomize freshness and round out each recipe. Now that we’re in the full swing of spring, it’s lovely to have crisp, clean scents in the air.


Creamy ingredients come from different sources and are used to accomplish different effects. What’s the common thread? They make everything delicious (even when used in moderation!). Our weekly meal plan menu makes use of mayo, yogurt, and coconut milk to perfect consistency and contrast spice.

Put a few more deep breaths and smiles into your week through our meal plan service here:

“It’s wonderful to be able to head into the kitchen at the end of a long workday and be able to have a complete meal on the table so quickly.“

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All meals come with gluten-free, paleo, and vegetarian options, as well as a grocery list and optional weekend prep steps.

Meal Planning Tips


  • Traditional Tom Yum Soup is made with nam prik pao (Thai chili paste), but we use red curry paste since it’s a staple in our community members’ kitchens. If you can find nam prik pao at your local Asian market, you can definitely use it to get a rich, smoky flavor.
  • Our meal plans help you to never waste ingredients by ensuring that you use everything you buy. By repeating produce but pairing it with completely new flavors, no part of your lemongrass, shallots, or limes will see the inside of the garbage can.


  • To save time during busy weekdays, cook rice over the weekend. Cooked rice reheats well, as does stir-fried pork and veggies, if you want to get a bigger head start.


  • Bring excitement back into breakfast by folding leftover pork and green beans from Monday into eggs for a Thai-inspired omelet.
  • Spice up some weekend tacos with leftover honey-adobo chicken.

On the Menu

MONDAY | Thai Stir-Fried Pork & Green Beans with Sriracha Mayo, Rice & Fried Egg

This Thai street food inspired dish received ecstatic reviews last year, so we took every bit of feedback and made it even better. This time around, the meal is even faster to prepare and tops everything off with a creamy yet spicy mayo sauce. Enjoy a surge of flavor through pairing the heat of red pepper flakes and Sriracha with classic Thai lime, cilantro, and lemongrass flavors.

Our alternative diet options are a breeze to make as well. Paleo members use the same core Thai ingredients to make a protein-rich stir- fry. Vegetarians replace ground pork with cooked lentils.

TUESDAY | Honey Adobo Chopped Chicken Salad with Black Beans & Queso Fresco

The spirit and spice of Iberian adobo has been infused into South and Central American cuisines. Our flavor-packed salad features beans, lime, and Mexican queso fresco and lets adobo serve as the base of both a marinade and salad dressing. The combination of honey and adobo gives the perfect spicy-sweet ratio.

To make our salad Paleo, we replace the corn, beans, and queso with bell peppers and nutrient-rich pumpkin seeds. For a completely vegetarian salad, we replace chicken with crumbled tortillas chips to add some great texture and carbs.

WEDNESDAY | Tom Yum Shrimp Ramen

This variation of the spicy shrimp Thai soup has some powerful nontraditional twists. In our soup, Japanese ramen noodles build substance and dimension while coconut milk brings down the heat with a creamy finish.

Making this Tom Yum Soup gluten-free is simple with gluten-free dried ramen, Japanese soba, or rice noodles. Paleo eaters can easily omit the noodles, while herbivores add tofu and soy sauce instead of shrimp and fish sauce.

THURSDAY | Skirt Steak with Cilantro Garlic Sauce & Rice Salad

We’re pretty sure that this cilantro garlic sauce would be good on anything, but it works particularly well with a nice grilled steak. The rice salad served on the side is a unique and tasty way to use up leftover rice from Monday’s stir-fry. With both grill and stove-top versions, you can enjoy this meal whether it’s warm or snowing outside.

Vegetarians will replace the steak with rice and cheese stuffed bell peppers, while our Paleo members can enjoy a few herbal sauce tweaks and a spinach and tomato salad side.

Weekly Meal Plan Menu | Week of 4/16/18 via Cook Smarts

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