Meal Plan Menu | Week of 12/07/20

Meal Plan Menu | Week of 12/07/20

In this week of recipes from around the world, you’ll make a Peruvian chicken recipe, sweet and sour shrimp, baked potato soup, and Korean fried rice with ground beef.

  • By Leila Kalmbach
  • December 4, 2020


Sheet Pan Peruvian Chicken with Cilantro Sauce

Create Peruvian flavors with this easy sheet pan meal featuring roasted chicken thighs and sweet potatoes with a side of cucumber spears. The chicken is rubbed with a seasoning mix that forms a thick paste before going into the oven, while the sweet potatoes are simply roasted. To serve, you’ll drizzle both with a flavorful, bright cilantro sauce. This meal will take you 45 minutes, but much of the prep can be done ahead of time to make things easy on a busy weeknight.

Meal Planning Smarts:

  • Leftover chicken and cilantro sauce freeze well, so double up for future busy weeknights.
  • If you grab some tortillas from the store, you can turn leftover sweet potatoes and chicken into tacos or burritos.

Diet Variation:

  • This meal is already gluten-free and paleo, but to make it vegetarian, all you need to do is substitute the chicken with halloumi cheese.


Sweet and Sour Shrimp with Rice

The lightened-up sweet and sour sauce in this meal tastes just as good as what you’d get from your local Chinese-American restaurant — and making the dish won’t take much longer than getting take-out would, either! You’ll use canned pineapple in the stir-fry along with bell pepper, snap peas, and of course shrimp, but don’t throw away the pineapple juice. That will go into the sauce, which you’ll simmer with the rest of the ingredients before serving over rice.

Meal Planning Smarts:

  • Double the rice (or cauliflower rice, if you’re cooking paleo) to use later in the week.

Diet Variation:

  • Sub tamari for soy sauce and your meal will be gluten-free.
  • A few tweaks to the sauce and cauliflower rice instead of rice makes this meal paleo.
  • If you don’t eat meat, our Sweet and Sour Tofu will hit the spot!

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Baked Potato Soup with Tart Apple Spinach Salad

This rich, hearty soup can be made in whatever method you prefer: slow cooker, Instant Pot, or stovetop. It’s seasoned with thyme and — like any good baked potato soup — finished with cheese, sour cream, green onions, and bacon. Pair it with a spinach salad topped with tart apples for a surprisingly well-balanced meal that tastes decadent and comforting. This is a good meal to scale up for guests or to have leftovers, and you can easily make it ahead of time and simply reheat before serving.

Meal Planning Smarts:

  • This baked potato soup freezes well, but leftovers can also be used as a base for rice casserole or baked pasta.

Diet Variation:

  • Thicken the soup with almond flour for a gluten-free dinner.
  • Curried Butternut Squash Soup takes the place of potato for the paleo version, but don’t worry — you’ll still get the bacon by adding it to the side salad!
  • Replace the bacon with a little butter for an equally rich vegetarian soup.


Gochujang Beef Fried Rice with Sesame Spinach

This quick fried rice packs big flavor with superstars such as peanuts, gochujang sauce, and cilantro. Using cold leftover rice makes this meal come together quickly while also ensuring the rice doesn’t stick to the pan, and a frozen veggie mix of your choice means no chopping, rinsing, or peeling. The fried rice is served with a side of sesame spinach, but you can stir the side right into the main dish if you prefer!

Meal Planning Smarts:

Diet Variation:

  • Use tamari soy sauce for a gluten-free dish.
  • For a paleo meal, you’ll make a few tweaks including using cauliflower rice, cashews instead of peanuts, and some substitutions to the sauce.
  • A mix of black beans and adzuki beans replace the beef for vegetarians for a protein-packed fried rice.

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