Meal Plan Menu | Week of 10/19/20

Meal Plan Menu | Week of 10/19/20

You’ll love this week of creative recipes chock full of fall flavors! Almond crusted fish and sweet pea risotto, beef japchae, a baked potato bar, and Hungarian Chicken Paprikash create a well-rounded menu of fall-inspired recipes.

  • By Leila Kalmbach
  • October 16, 2020


Almond Crusted Fish with Zucchini & Sweet Pea Risotto

A flavorful almond-based crust elevates this tilapia to a restaurant-worthy dish. We serve it with a simple risotto filled with zucchini and peas. Customize your crunch level for the almond coating on the tilapia, then pop in the oven alongside the risotto. It may sound complicated, but this whole meal will take you just 45 minutes and requires surprisingly few ingredients! It’s a rich, comforting fall meal you’ll want to return to over and over again.

Meal Planning Smarts:

  • Leftover risotto freezes well or can be coated in panko and pan-fried to make risotto cakes.

Diet Variation:

  • Swapping soy sauce for tamari is the only switch you need for a gluten-free meal.
  • Make a diced vegetable sauté instead of risotto and a couple simple swaps to the fish for a Paleo meal.
  • Almond crusted tofu replaces the fish for a vegetarian meal.


Beef Japchae with Shiitakes & Spinach

Japchae is a popular Korean noodle stir-fry made with dangmyeon noodles, a thin sweet potato-based noodle sold dried (or use rice vermicelli if you can’t find them). A delicious sauce does double duty as both a marinade for the beef and a sauce for the noodles, making this meal come together easily. Shiitakes, carrots, and spinach make for a colorful meal that you can get on the table quickly, and a scrambled egg adds extra flavor and protein.

Meal Planning Smarts:

  • Going to have a busy week? This is a great make-ahead meal that just needs reheating.
  • Leftover japchae can be used as a filling for summer rolls.

Diet Variation:

  • Use tamari instead of soy sauce if you’re going gluten-free.
  • If you’re eating Paleo, use shirataki or zucchini noodles and a few other simple switches.
  • Edamame and adzuki beans replace the steak for vegetarian eaters.

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Baked Potato Bar

Looking for creative ways to use leftovers? This meal is a great way to use up any leftovers you’ve accumulated during the week, not to mention a fun way to let everyone choose their favorite toppings! You’ll love our tip for baking potatoes in the oven in just half an hour, making this a weeknight-friendly meal everyone will enjoy. Recommended toppings include bacon, chives, sour cream, cheddar, broccoli, spiced beans, and more, but we encourage you to get creative and make this one your own! 

Meal Planning Smarts:

  • Chives and sour cream from earlier in the week are used in this meal as well so that food doesn’t go to waste. 

Diet Variation:

  • Make this already gluten-free recipe paleo by using sweet potatoes and following our topping recommendations, including ground beef and pepitas.
  • Leave off the bacon if you’re a vegetarian, and try lentils as a topping instead!


Hungarian Chicken Paprikash with Egg Noodles & Green Beans

Chicken thighs are simmered in a flavorful tomato-based sauce and served over egg noodles in this community favorite meal. We serve them with roasted green beans that are tossed in vinaigrette. Mushrooms add an extra serving of vegetables and an umami flavor punch for a delicious fall meal, and the sauce is mixed with sour cream before serving to add creaminess to the dish. 

Meal Planning Smarts:

  • Add cayenne or red pepper flakes if you prefer some heat!
  • Prepare for a rainy day by doubling up this recipe and freezing half.

Diet Variation:

  • Gluten-free pasta and a touch of gluten-free flour make this meal work well for those avoiding gluten. 
  • For a paleo variation, we have you make a side of braised cabbage instead of egg noodles. 
  • Vegetarians will use cauliflower and white beans instead of chicken.

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