Win 3 Prizes in our Maximize Flavor Giveaway

Win 3 Prizes in our Maximize Flavor Giveaway

  • By Stephany Pando
  • November 3, 2014

Win 6 Specialty Spice Blends from Penzey's and Spice Up Your Cooking! (just 1 of 3 prizes in our Maximize Flavor Giveaway) via @CookSmarts

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our How to Maximize Flavor series. We’re so grateful to everyone who followed along! If you missed any of it, you can find all 6 parts here.

With the info and graphics we created, you’ve got all you need to confidently flavor up your cooking and never settle for a bland meal again.

To wrap up this series, we are doing 3 giveaways to help you put your flavor tips to use! Here’s the schedule of prizes:

Week of 11/3: 6 Penzey’s specialty spice blends (like the ones seen here)
Week of 11/10: Framed print of one of our infographics (like the ones seen here)
Week of 11/17: Cuisinart food processor to help you create delicious sauces

We’re kicking off the giveaway this week with a prize of 6 of our favorite spice blends from Penzey’s. If you missed it, we did a post all about how spices can add instant flavor to your cooking. These specialty blends will have you creating cooking masterpieces!

6 Penzey’s Specialty Spice Blends:

  1. Curry Powder
  2. This curry powder adds great flavor with a little heat – not to mention a beautiful color. Perfect for a chicken curry dish or in a salad dressing.

  3. Adobo Seasoning
  4. This traditional Mexican blend is spicy and rich in flavor. Perfect as a meat rub or to spice up guacamole.

  5. Za’atar
  6. A blend of Middle Eastern herbs with a warm, slightly bitter flavor. Great for dry rubs and bread dips.

  7. Garam Masala
  8. A flavorful blend of Indian spices, Garam Masala is a staple in many traditional Indian recipes.

  9. Herbs de Provence
  10. A beautifully aromatic combination of French and Italian herbs make up this blend, including rosemary, thyme and tarragon.

  11. Cajun Seasoning
  12. This seasoning adds a robust and spicy flavor that’s perfect for marinating your favorite meats on the grill.

If you want these fantastic spices delivered to your door, be sure to enter the giveaway below!

And click here to get the infographics that’ll show you just how to use these spice blends, including this one:

Learn what spices make up the most popular spice blends and how to cook with them! via @CookSmarts #flavor #spices

This week’s giveaway begins today and will run until Monday 11/10. Next week’s prize will be posted next Tuesday – so keep an eye out for that! You may enter for all 3 weeks of the giveaway, just be sure to complete a separate entry for each prize.

We’ll announce the winner of the Penzey Spice Blends on Monday 11/10. Best of luck!
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