Meal Plan Menu | Week of 1/21/19

Meal Plan Menu | Week of 1/21/19

Enjoy quick, low-calorie meals with this week’s delicious meal plan menu!

  • By Brittany Yamamoto-Taylor
  • January 18, 2019

This week is packed with creative and fresh flavors that will leave you with a smile on your face. From Spanish Meatballs to Shrimp Banh Mi, we’ll excite and delight your taste buds!

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All meals come with gluten-free, Paleo, and vegetarian options, as well as a grocery list and optional weekend prep steps.

On the Menu

MONDAY | Spanish Meatballs with Roasted Cauliflower & Chickpeas

We put a fun Spanish twist on meatballs in red sauce! With cumin, smoked paprika, onions, and cilantro, this dish layers fragrant flavors to perfection. Our side of spiced and roasted cauliflower and chickpeas makes this a healthy and satisfying meal the whole family will love.

Making this meal gluten-free is as easy as picking up GF breadcrumbs at the store. With a couple tweaks to the sauce and meatballs, our Paleo / Whole30 version is great with a side of roasted cauliflower and olives. Our vegetarian recipe features a Spanish Lentil and Mushroom Soup with roasted cauliflower and a toasted baguette.

TUESDAY | Shrimp Banh Mi with Chili Garlic Green Beans

This delicious, Vietnamese-inspired sandwich is filled with quick pickles, pan-seared shrimp, shredded carrots, and a creamy sauce. With a side of chili garlic green beans, this low-calorie meal is a serious crowd pleaser!

This recipe is easily made GF by picking up gluten-free sandwich rolls or baguette, and our vegetarian banh mi swaps out the shrimp for avocado. Meanwhile, our Whole30 / Paleo Shrimp Bowl includes a tangy carrot slaw and is served with a creamy coconut-mango smoothie.

WEDNESDAY | Spinach, Artichoke & Feta Frittata with Spiced Roasted Baby Potatoes

In this dish, the satisfying flavors of spinach and artichoke are perfectly complemented by our oregano and paprika roasted baby potatoes. Add some feta on top and you’ll see why this quick frittata has become one of our favorites for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

This naturally gluten-free and vegetarian recipe is easy to make Paleo / Whole30 by adding sausage, omitting the dairy, and swapping in sweet potatoes.

THURSDAY | Hoisin Meatball Lo Mein

The flavors in this noodle stir-fry are about as different as you can get from Monday’s Spanish-inspired meal, but it uses leftover meatballs as a protein for this 35-minute dish. With a rich lo mein sauce poured over soft noodles and sauteed mushrooms, carrots, and snow peas, this recipe will inspire contentment.

To make this recipe vegetarian, simply substitute the meatballs with cubes of extra-firm tofu. To make this meal GF, use gluten-free linguine or spaghetti, Tamari, and GF hoisin sauce. If you are on the Paleo or Whole30 diet, we have an Asian Meatball Stir-fry with mushrooms, carrots, bell peppers, and a creamy stir-fry sauce.

Smart meal planning ideas come with every weekly menu. The smarts listed below are only a portion of the tips we include to help you make the most of your ingredients and your time. Join our community to get the full benefits of our meal plan service every day!

Meal Planning Smarts


  • If you are cooking our Original, Gluten Free, or Paleo / Whole30 meals this week, save yourself a ton of time by making a double batch of meatballs to enjoy in two completely unique dishes.
  • One bundle of cilantro goes a long way, so we let it add a fresh finish to Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday’s meals this week!

Ingredient Tip:

  • If you aren’t familiar with hoisin sauce, it is a thick, slightly sweet sauce used most commonly in Cantonese cuisine. It is used as a glaze, in stir-fries, or as a dipping sauce. You can easily find it near other Asian ingredients in your local grocery store’s international aisle or at your local Asian market. If you’re cooking our GF option this week, look for a gluten-free hoisin sauce at the store, get it on Amazon here, or just skip this ingredient altogether.


  • Cooking extra meatballs is easy and makes for amazing leftovers! Try slicing the meatballs in half and topping them with marinara and melted mozzarella for delicious Italian-style hoagies.
  • It may surprise you, but the flavor of roasted cauliflower pairs perfectly with Mexican-inspired meals. Add your leftovers into vegetarian tacos or burritos for a healthy and satisfying lunch!

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