How to chop a mango

  • By Jess Dang
  • August 17, 2013

Mango photoGrowing up in a Chinese household, we had fruit that was always chopped up into bite-sized pieces for dessert every single night. As much as I wished we were eating bowls of ice cream like our ‘normal’ American friends, I think this ritual definitely instilled a lot of healthy eating habits in me. Till this day, I’m still more than happy to enjoy a few pieces of fruit at the end of a meal. I’m sure the extra fiber is helpful as a post-dinner digestive, right?

One of my favorite post-dinner fruit for desserts is the sweet and tangy mango. As a kid, my grandma and I would divide the large seeds between the two of us and make sure we got every last bite of juiciness. As an adult, I still love enjoying this fruit when it’s in season (January through September but you’ll find it most abundant in the summer), and I’ve learned to enjoy it beyond dessert.

Mango makes its way into a variety of salsas I make – mango and tomatoes, mango and cucumber, mango and peaches. Sweet and a little bit acidic, I find that it pairs so well with a variety of proteins (e.g., pork, scallops, salmon) and is a great topping for tacos.

The video below teaches you how to chop a mango, so you can see how easy it is to turn this mysterious stone fruit into something that will jazz up any meal. And of course look for a recipe later this week featuring one of our favorite ways to use mango.

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