The 3 Freezer Meal Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

The 3 Freezer Meal Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Been wondering how to do freezer meals well? Learn these 3 freezer meal tips and tricks and dive into all our freezing and defrosting resources!

  • By Brittany Yamamoto-Taylor
  • November 30, 2021

Frozen meals are a wonderful thing. They are the answer to that classic conundrum of wanting healthy and affordable home-cooked meals while being far too busy for it. Whether you are struggling to juggle your kids’ extracurriculars, getting ready for finals, or simply in a terribly busy season of life, freezer meals can be the life line that you never knew you needed quite so much.

You can douse your friends, family, and neighbors with love when you bring frozen meals to someone with a newborn or someone who just started an emergency room residency. They will be forever grateful.

If you want to make your schedule easier or be that amazing friend, read through our 3 freezer meal tips and tricks to keep in mind and consider getting our Guide to Frozen Food Storage eBook!

1. Freeze in portions

Frozen dinners are all about convenience. That’s why the first of our 3 freezer meal tips and tricks is about portioning. You see, it just isn’t good to bring a big, frozen lasagna to a household of 1 – 2 people. You can make the whole lasagna for them (and they will certainly be thankful you did), but freeze it in individual portions. Then they can just pop one container’s worth into the toaster oven or microwave for a quick and delicious dinner.

If you are making a big batch of food for a whole family, it can be okay to freeze the whole thing, but only if their freezer can accommodate that. However, when making a big batch for a small household, they probably aren’t going to want to heat the whole lasagna up, refrigerate all the leftovers, and then have to reheat and eat the same thing for days on end to finish it.

2. Keep an eye on fresh ingredients

Although frozen meals are first and foremost about convenience, taste and texture still matter. If you want to know if a particular recipe will freeze well, a good rule of thumb is to think about fresh ingredients. If parts of the dish have to be eaten fresh, it isn’t a good candidate for a ready-to-go freezer meal. For example, freezing salad greens as a salad will not end well, but freezing them for a smoothie works great.

The amazingly convenient truth about what makes a good freezer meal is that most dinners and many breakfasts and lunches freeze pretty well. Just think about the frozen food aisle of your local grocery store. If the big food companies can freeze a meal, you can, too. Pizza, stir-fries, breakfast sandwiches, curries with rice, casseroles, soups, and so much more have proven their freezability since microwave meals first hit the market in the 1950s.

3. Think twice about pasta in soups

We love freezing soups and there are so many cozy soups that freeze beautifully, but soups with pasta in them are the exception. If you reheat a frozen soup with pasta, it will end up a bit of a soggy mess because the pasta will absorb too much liquid in the reheating process.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your freezer dreams for a good chicken noodle or fideo soup. All you have to do to enjoy the convenience of a frozen soup without the mushyness is to make and freeze the soup without the pasta. Then when you are ready to defrost, just boil up the pasta fresh and combine them for what will still be a very quick dinner. You can even undercook the pasta a bit because it will undergo a little cooking carry-over when added to a hot liquid base.

Now that you know 3 freezer meal tips and tricks, we hope you will start enjoying the convenience of ready-to-go home cooking and will spread the love to those with busy lives around you.

If you want to learn more about freezing and defrosting dishes like a pro, check out How to Make a Month’s Worth of Freezer Meals and our Guide to Frozen Food Storage eBook! We also have over 450 freezer-friendly recipes in our Meal Plan Service Archives and that you can quickly find by using our handy ‘Freezer Friendly’ search filter.

To get a head start on freezer meals without spending too much time browsing the web for recipes, download our free Top 10 Make Ahead Freezer Meals for our favorite freezer recipes:

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Our favorite freezer meals are simple and delicious, and will help you get dinner on the table even when life gets busy.

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