A Fresh Menu to Travel the World | Meal Plan Menu (9/27/21)

A Fresh Menu to Travel the World | Meal Plan Menu (9/27/21)

This week’s fresh menu will take you around the world in under 45 minutes each night with recipes like Swordfish with Lemon Caper Butter and Indonesian Nasi Goreng fried rice!

  • By Brittany Yamamoto-Taylor
  • September 24, 2021


Swordfish with Lemon Caper Butter

Swordfish has a hearty texture and mild flavor which works perfectly with rich, melty compound butter. Serve it over fluffy couscous and beautifully sauteed veggies for a chic, restaurant-worthy meal that is ready to enjoy in just 45 minutes.

Meal Planning Smarts:

  • Save time on Monday night by preparing the couscous, lemon caper butter, carrots, and green beans up to 5 days early.
  • If swordfish isn’t available, download our ‘Beginner’s Guide to Cooking Fish’ that has the best substitutes!
  • Swordfish, cooked couscous, and lemon caper butter freeze and reheat well for future meals. Make sure you download our ‘All-in-One Freezer Guide’ for more freezing smarts.

Diet Variation:

  • Gluten-Free: Enjoy all the same textures and flavors, but replace couscous with quinoa.
  • Paleo: Keep everything in the Original recipe the same and simply omit the couscous.
  • Vegetarian: Make our delicious Couscous and White Bean Saute with Lemon Caper Butter.


Harvest Bowl with Sweet Potatoes and Chickpeas

The world has fallen in love with Thai peanut sauce. Why? Because it is just so darn delectable with its genius balance of salty, sweet, nutty, and creamy. In this 40-minute, one-pan meal, the peanut sauce becomes a rich curry that is served over rice. ‘Swimming Rama’ gets its name from the green skin that the god Rama has in Thailand and the corresponding greens in this delicious dish, but we throw in some cauliflower as well to add to the nutrients and textures!

Meal Planning Smarts:

  • You can make the entire Swimming Rama recipe ahead of time and reheat it Tuesday night to serve.
  • Our Swimming Rama Chicken also freezes well, so make a double batch and save leftovers for a future busy weeknight.
  • Save time by cooking a double batch of rice or cauliflower rice (if cooking paleo) to use today and for Thursday’s Nasi Goreng Rice.

Diet Variation:

  • Gluten-Free: Just use tamari in the sauce and you’re good to go!
  • Paleo: Make a few tweaks to the sauce and serve over cauliflower rice.
  • Vegetarian: Enjoy all the same flavors with our Thai Swimming Tempeh Rama recipe.

“[My favorite things about Cook Smarts are] the variety of flavors, ingredients and cultures represented. Also, that the recipes for sauces and dressings and garnishes are included – and it’s all so easy!”

— Christine K. (Member since Jan 2020)


Weeknight Chicken Parmesan with Pasta and Broccoli

Breading chicken for classic chicken parmesan is both messy and time-consuming. That’s why we created a shortcut version that uses chicken tenders for a true weeknight-friendly, 40-minute meal for a busy household. Top it with mozzarella cheese and seasoned panko breadcrumbs to deliver that melty and crunchy finish we all look for in a good chicken parmesan. Then, when it’s piping hot out of the oven, enjoy it over some pasta and broccoli that always play well with marinara.

Meal Planning Smarts:

  • Save time on Wednesday night by prepping the broccoli, garlic, and fresh cheeses up to 5 days early.
  • We have you use the remaining basil leaves from the sauteed veggies accompanying Monday’s Swordfish with Lemon Caper Butter to not only add flavor, but also to help you reduce food waste!

Diet Variation:

  • Gluten-Free: Pick up your usual gluten-free pasta and breadcrumbs to make this recipe.
  • Paleo: Make our Marinara Chicken with Toasted Pecan Topping recipe and a side of roasted broccoli.
  • Vegetarian: Cook up our Oven-Roasted Portobello and Lentil Parmesan recipe with the same pasta and broccoli sides.


Nasi Goreng with Tofu, Veggies, and a Fried Egg

One of the most fun things about this Indonesian-style fried rice is how colorful it is on the plate! Another is the savory-sweet-vinegary sauce that brings everything together. 🤤And did we mention that the whole dish is ready in just 35 minutes? That’s pretty fun in our book. Not only is our version of this Indonesian national dish finished with a traditional sunny-side up egg, it is also served with fresh cucumbers and tomatoes for added texture, flavor, and flare. 

Meal Planning Smarts:

  • If you made Tuesday’s Swimming Rama Chicken, now is the time to pull out the leftover rice / cauliflower rice and put it to quick use!
  • You can have this meal come together even quicker by prepping the bell peppers, onions, garlic, ginger, and sauce up to 5 day ahead.
  • Since Nasi Goreng freezes really well, make a double batch to save for a busy weeknight.

Diet Variation:

  • Gluten-Free: We have you use tamari and brown sugar to get the same saucy results.
  • Paleo: Enjoy our Ground Pork Cauliflower Fried ‘Rice’ with a special sauce and the same fried egg and veggies.
  • Vegetarian: Our Nasi Goreng recipe is so close to vegetarian already, all you need to do is nix the fish sauce.

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