Grill Dinner Ideas | Meal Plan Menu (6/28/21)

Grill Dinner Ideas | Meal Plan Menu (6/28/21)

Grilled foods are our favorites this time of year, which is why several of this week’s meals are healthy grill recipes (though they can also be cooked on stovetop!). We’ll share one of our best chicken grill recipes, which you’ll use in two dinners this week, a portobello mushroom burgers on the grill recipe, and a Honey-Gochujang Shrimp Skewers recipe.

  • By Leila Kalmbach
  • June 25, 2021


Oregano Grilled Chicken with Lemony Pasta Salad

Oregano chicken is served with a pasta salad of steamed broccoli, diced bell pepper, garbanzo beans, and olives with your favorite pasta shape, tossed in a citrusy vinaigrette. The marinade for the chicken uses several of the same ingredients as the vinaigrette, tying the meal together with bright flavors. You can cook the chicken on the grill in nice weather, or we also include stovetop directions if you’d rather stay indoors. This recipe packs in 41 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber per serving!

Meal Planning Smarts:

  • Cook double the amount of oregano chicken and use half in Wednesday’s Greek Chicken Flatbread meal to save time later in the week.
  • Assemble the pasta salad ahead of time and let it sit in the fridge for fantastically blended flavors.

Diet Variation:

  • Using gluten-free pasta is the only change you’ll need to make for the gluten-free version of this meal.
  • For the paleo meal, you’ll make zucchini ribbons instead of pasta, plus do an easy swap of honey for the brown sugar in the marinade.
  • Vegetarians will make Lemon Fettuccine with Zucchini and White Beans, along with a side salad.


Honey-Gochujang Shrimp Skewers with Soba Noodles

Shrimp with a sweet and spicy honey-gochujang glaze are cooked on the grill (or stovetop, if you prefer). They’re served with a side of Korean-style cold soba noodles tossed with light summer produce of tomatoes, cucumber, and romaine lettuce, and a fresh, flavorful dressing of ginger, toasted sesame oil, red pepper flakes, and other bold flavors. This is a great prep-ahead meal for a busy night since most of the work is in the prep steps. It’s cooling and low-calorie, perfect for eating outdoors on a warm summer night. 

Meal Planning Smarts:

  • It’ll take the same amount of time to chop romaine at once, so slice up some extra for Wednesday’s salad while you’re at it.
  • The chilled soba noodle salad can be made ahead of time, and you can prepare the shrimp skewers in advance as well.
  • Turn leftover shrimp into better-than-take-out fried rice.

Diet Variation:

  • Sub tamari for soy sauce if you’re making the gluten-free variation.
  • The paleo version of this meal uses hot sauce instead of gochujang, and you’ll make japchae noodles instead of soba (for which you’ll use coconut aminos and leave out the sugar).
  • Vegetarians will make Honey-Gochujang Tofu instead of shrimp.

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Greek Chicken Flatbread with Greek Salad and Tzatziki

Using leftover oregano chicken from Monday’s meal, you’ll make flatbreads inspired by a California Pizza Kitchen favorite. The flatbreads are brushed with vinaigrette, then topped with mozzarella, thinly sliced chicken, and feta, then baked. They’re served with a salad of romaine, tomatoes, and red onions in Greek vinaigrette, some of which can be put on the flatbreads if you’d like some fresh crunch. You’ll also make a side of tzatziki sauce, a yogurt sauce featuring cucumber and fresh mint, which can be drizzled over the top or used to dip the flatbreads.

Meal Planning Smarts:

  • Chop up leftover chicken to use in wraps or on salads.

Diet Variation:

  • Use gluten-free flatbread in the gluten-free version of this meal. 
  • Skip the flatbread and tzatziki in the paleo version, and instead make a Chopped Greek Chicken Salad with tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, olives, and pistachios along with the oregano chicken.
  • For the vegetarian version of the meal, use hummus instead of chicken.


Portobello Burger with Bacon and Avocado

Portobello burgers have historically been appreciated primarily by vegetarians, but we love their savory flavor even more when they’re topped with bacon! The contrast of creamy mashed avocado makes this meal even better. You’ll prepare the portobellos simply, and serve the burgers with a watermelon wedge and your favorite type of chips. You’ll be amazed how much flavor you can get out of so few ingredients! At 18 grams of protein and 11 grams of fiber, it’s not a lightweight meal, either. 

Meal Planning Smarts:

  • Leftover hamburger buns freeze well, so wrap them up tightly and pop them in the freezer to easily make this meal again.

Diet Variation:

  • Use gluten-free hamburger buns if you’re following the gluten-free version of this meal. 
  • The paleo version of this meal skips the hamburger buns and serves avocado-stuffed portobellos with crumbled bacon over a bed of arugula. You’ll use plantain chips as the chips.
  • Use cheddar cheese instead of bacon in the vegetarian version of the meal. 

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