Meal Plan Menu | Week of 2/4/19

Meal Plan Menu | Week of 2/4/19

This week, enjoy the warm flavors and subtle spices featured in our unique meal plan menu.

  • By Brittany Yamamoto-Taylor
  • February 1, 2019

Get ready for an easy week of quick dinners that are exciting and delicious! With 3 out of 4 recipes only requiring 30 minutes in the kitchen, you’ll have plenty of extra time to start planning Valentine’s Day, curl up on the couch with a good book, or check off a few more items on your to-do list.

This week you can enjoy the sensational flavors of American, Eastern Asian, Mexican, and Latin cuisines. We start the week off with Monday’s comforting Salisbury Steak and then bring in sweet and tangy goodness with our Asian Fish and Vegetable Lo Mein on Tuesday. To get you over hump day, we have Huevos Rancheros (“eggs ranch-style”) and a refreshing lime slaw scheduled. Finally, we bring the weeknights to a close with a delicious Honey Adobo Chopped Chicken Salad.

To make the most out of this week’s recipes, check out our meal prep tips and suggestions for leftovers below.

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All meals come with gluten-free, Paleo, and vegetarian options, as well as a grocery list and optional weekend prep steps.

On the Menu

MONDAY | Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy + Mashed Potatoes & Buttered Peas

The comfort of this Salisbury steak recipe will bring warmth to a frigid winter. Contrary to the name of this dish, the recipe doesn’t call for actual steak, but instead, lightly seasoned ground beef patties that are seared in a pan and served with a rich, flavorful gravy. With a side of creamy mashed potatoes and buttered peas, this meal will make you look forward to Monday.

To make this dish gluten-free, simply use GF breadcrumbs in the beef patties. With a few tweaks to the original Salisbury steak recipe and a substitution of sweet potatoes, this meal can easily be made Paleo-friendly. If you are vegetarian, our 35-minute meatless recipe has you simmer lentils and mushrooms in the gravy and then serve them over mashed potatoes.

TUESDAY | Asian Ginger & Soy Fish with Vegetable Lo Mein

This 30-minute meal is brought together with our tangy and slightly sweet Ginger Soy Sauce that is so delicious we use it two ways: First, the sauce is poured over your white fish before baking in the oven. Next, it is tossed with colorful bell peppers, carrots, and noodles to bring a simple vegetable lo mein to life.

Those on a gluten-free diet can make this delicious meal by using GF spaghetti or linguine and making our Ginger Tamari Sauce, while those eating Paleo can use zucchini noodles and our Ginger Aminos Sauce. For those cooking vegetarian, simply swap out the fish for a flavorful baked tofu dish.

WEDNESDAY | Huevos Rancheros with Refried Beans & Lime Slaw

Bring the delicious flavors of a traditional breakfast found on rural Mexican farms right to your dinner table! In only 30 minutes, you can have sliced avocado, refried beans, and over-easy eggs atop crisp corn tortillas. With salsa and sour cream for dipping and a side of refreshing lime slaw, you’ll be sure to bring this recipe out anytime you want a scrumptious breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

This naturally gluten-free and vegetarian meal is easily made Paleo by skipping the tortillas and adding spiced ground pork.

THURSDAY | Honey Adobo Chopped Chicken Salad with Black Beans, Avocado & Queso Fresco

This chopped chicken salad has the perfect layers of color and flavor to make it a satisfying entree that is also visually-pleasing. With just 30 minutes in the kitchen, your marinated chicken, avocado, queso fresco, black beans, veggies, and honey adobo dressing will be tossed and ready to be enjoyed.

This gluten-free recipe can be made meatless (while still packing 16g of protein!) by simply omitting the chicken and adding crumbled tortilla chips for an exciting crunch with every bite. For our Adobo Paleo Chicken Salad, omit sour cream from the marinade, add bell peppers, and use pepitas in place of the queso fresco.

Smart meal planning ideas come with every weekly menu. The smarts listed below are only a portion of the meal prep tips we include to help you make the most of your ingredients and your time. Join our community to get the full benefits of our meal plan service every day!

Meal Planning Smarts


  • We use green onions for a pop of fresh flavor in 3 meals this week, so you’ll be sure to use up the whole bundle!
  • Sour cream is a great way to add creaminess or reduce heat in 3 dishes this week. Whether you use real sour cream which offers a rich flavor or choose to substitute it with plain or Greek yogurt, pick up a tub and we’ll make sure you enjoy every last ounce!

Ingredient notes:

  • Mirin is used in Tuesday’s meal and if you’re not quite sure what it is, we can help you there! Mirin is a Japanese rice wine that is naturally sweet and tangy. Its flavor is unique and adds great dimension to a sauce, but feel free to substitute rice vinegar (just reduce the amount by half). If you can’t find it at your local stores, you can have it delivered from Amazon here.


  • Turn your leftover Salisbury steaks into an exciting new dish with pasta, a whirl of taco spices, and melted cheese on top – a unique take on oven-baked taco pasta!
  • Continuing with Mexican flavor inspiration, use your leftover lime slaw to bring a brightness to fish tacos or panko-breaded fish sandwiches.

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