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  • By Jess Dang
  • August 30, 2016

Last March, I got an email from Andrews McMeel Publishing asking me if I was interested in creating a cookbook and a calendar.

At first, I was worried it was some sort of scheme (we get scheme-y emails all the time unfortunately). After a quick Google search though, I found out that they were the publisher behind the Harry Potter Magic Eye Book (a combo of 2 of my favorite things!). Clearly, these ladies were legit.

And then I got excited, thinking I’m gonna make a calendar! I’m gonna make a calendar!

Seriously, no one has ever been so thrilled about making a wall calendar in the history of people who have made wall calendars.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t that excited by the cookbook part. Most people who write about food have a goal of one day producing a cookbook, but I’ve just never had that itch. Maybe one day, but for now, the calendar was perfect.

I loved that with a calendar, our information could be easily displayed and accessed by lots of people.

Parents could hang it in their home kitchens and talk to their kids about it during dinner time. Teachers could have it in classrooms and encourage an interest in healthy eating. Employers could display it in office kitchenettes as part of their corporate wellness initiatives.

So between last May and December, Shannon (our all-star graphics designer) and I worked on creating 13 calendar-friendly infographics – some from what we had and a few new things too.

After a few months at the printers, they’re now finally ready to be flying off the shelves (hint, hint).

Get your very own copy on Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, and it would be amazing to sell out on all of them.

I know we’re we’re still 4 months out from 2017 but there is 1 page that shows the last 4 months of 2016, so you could start showing off the smartest calendar you’ll ever own today. (And as you know, it’s never too early to think about holiday gifts!)

And then if you have time, we’d so appreciate a review – it’ll help us greatly in the search rankings.

If you like the idea of hanging our infographics on your wall but just want bigger (or smaller postcard) versions, check out the ones available in our shop.

Thank you, thank you for your support – I’m so excited to be finally sharing this project with you.

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