Cook More in 2013 Challenge – January Tip

Cook More in 2013 Challenge – January Tip

  • By Jess Dang
  • January 11, 2013

Hashtag CookMoreIn2013We are officially launching our #CookMoreIn2013 campaign! Every month, we’ll offer you one idea to help you #CookMoreIn2013. None of them will rock the boat on their own but these small changes will add up to bigger changes in the long run and help you tackle any cooking goal you set for yourself.

So what might those goals be? Maybe it’s 1 home-cooked meal a month, maybe it’s 2. Maybe you pledge to bring your lunch to work twice a week instead of never. Perhaps you want to cook 1 recipe out of each of the cookbooks you own before the end of the year? Or finally dust off that food processor you got for your wedding 6 years ago and learn to use it? Whatever the goal, we believe in making it small and doable. You can always up the ante later, but start with something that’s not out of reach. Make progress. Pat yourself on the back. And keep pushing.

Yes, pushing – this last part is important. We can guide you, be your cheerleader, even your therapist (believe me, half of most our cooking lessons are therapy sessions) but the real push has to come from you. We can’t go grocery shopping for you, turn your oven on, drag your ass off the couch. That’s all you.


January’s Idea: Write it down

We recently came up with 3 New Habits To Help You Cook More. January’s idea focuses on the first habit, which encourages you to keep a food journal that buckets your meals into two categories: 1) meals you ate out; vs. 2) meals you cooked. It’s hard to set goals to cook more when many folks have no idea how much they currently cook. This little exercise will help you set a baseline and become aware of your current eating habits. Then over time hopefully you’ll change the balance of the columns. Again, how much you want to push to change that balance is up to you. It’s also up to you how long you want to maintain this habit. Studies do show that food journals have a lot of extra health benefits. You let us know if it’s true!

Remember to share any Cook Smarts inspired cooking on our Facebook wall or on Twitter with hashtag #CookMoreIn2013. The list below comes from real meals I consumed over the last week. Chipotle and In ‘n Out clearly are my guilty pleasures.

January Tip to #CookMoreIn2013

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