Comfort Food Recipes | Meal Plan Menu (11/1/21)

Comfort Food Recipes | Meal Plan Menu (11/1/21)

This week we’re sharing some of our best comfort food recipes! First up is delicious Miso Spaghetti Carbonara. Then you’ll bake chicken tenders in the oven with breading to mimic fried chicken. Then you’ll make fancy-tasting Italian Pork Chops with creamy parmesan polenta. And you’ll finish the week strong with an Indian Samosa Wrap!

  • By Jess Dang
  • October 29, 2021


Miso Spaghetti Carbonara

Gluten-Free: Miso Spaghetti Carbonara with Gluten-Free Pasta

Paleo: Pan-Seared Chicken Breast with Mushroom Gravy

Vegetarian: Miso Spaghetti Carbonara with Chopped Pecans

To kick off the week we are combining 3 amazing elements: Miso Spaghetti Carbonara. Now, we’ve had versions of spaghetti carbonara in our meal plans a few times, but we’ve never put miso in it, and let me tell you — it adds a whole new depth to the sauce. I was recipe testing this all last year with my kids, and I’ve never seen them enjoy a meal more. Also in the pasta are bacon or chopped pecans, mushrooms, broccolini, and corn that will round out the meal. I know you might be feeling skeptical right now but turn that rational part of your brain off and just put it on your menu. You will thank me next week.


Baked Chicken Tenders with Cauliflower and Potato Mash

Gluten-Free: Baked Chicken Tenders with Gluten-Free Breading and Mash

Paleo: Baked Chicken Tenders with Cauliflower Mash

Vegetarian: Baked Tofu Tenders with Mash

Next on the menu, we’re repeating one of our best comfort food recipes — our Oven Roasted ‘Fried’ Chicken or Tofu Tenders with cauliflower and potato mash and baked tomatoes. Okay, THIS is such a fun meal. It’s basically a play on the idea of Southern fried chicken and mashed potatoes. The chicken or tofu tenders are spiced in some delicious, savory spices and breaded. Then you’ll bake the chicken tenders in the oven for a healthier-than-fried version that is still just as crispy. And for the mashed potatoes, we have you mash them along with steamed cauliflower, so you get an extra serving of veggies in there. Lastly, there’s this cute little baked parmesan tomato on the side. Bonus: Leftover cauliflower and potatoes get turned into a Samosa Wrap for Thursday’s meal, helping you save time by cooking once and eating twice!

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Italian Pork Chops and Tomato Sauce with Greens and Parmesan Polenta

Gluten-Free: Same as original version

Paleo: Italian Pork Chops and Tomato Sauce with Greens and Baked Zucchini

Vegetarian: Italian White Beans and Greens with Parmesan Polenta and Bread

Wednesday’s meal is Italian Pork Chops and parmesan polenta that’s served with a tomato sauce with power greens. I know that sounds like a lot but people are going to flip for this meal. It is like me taking you to a fancy Italian restaurant. Pair it with a glass of red wine, and this is date night at home at its best. The vegetarian version is Italian White Beans and Greens and it’ll be just as fancy and lovely. Polenta can feel tricky on a weeknight so my tips are to cook in a slow cooker. Just dump everything in there and hit cook, or get the tube stuff, cut it up and cook it in some water and it’ll turn into that porridge-like consistency we’re looking for.


Samosa Wrap with Cauliflower, Potatoes, and Chickpeas

Gluten-Free: Samosa Wrap on Gluten-Free Tortillas

Paleo: Indian Chicken Sauté with Cauliflower

Vegetarian: Same as original version

Last but not least, we’re bringing back our Samosa Wrap with Cauliflower, Potatoes, and Chickpeas, served with okra “fries.” You get the flavors of an Indian samosa but in a nice, easy wrap. You’ll take the leftover cauliflower and potatoes from Tuesday’s Baked Chicken Tenders, add some Indian spices and chickpeas and you’re basically done. And then let’s talk okra fries. Now, I know okra is a controversial vegetable, but I promise, when you roast it and dip it in curried mayonnaise, it is so good. You don’t have to worry about the sliminess. If you have an air-fryer, make the okra fries in it. 

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