Celebrate the New Grad with Our Big Sale!

Celebrate the New Grad with Our Big Sale!

Graduation season is upon us, which means a lot of new grads will be entering the real world without any cooking skills.

  • By Jess Dang
  • June 7, 2016

Luckily, we’re here to help transition your new grad from packet ramen to cooking like they majored in the culinary arts.

Our meal plan service and Nourish, our 6 week online cooking course, make for fantastic graduation (and wedding!) gifts. They’ll help the new grad (and newlywed) discover joy in the kitchen while building a lifelong skill (and maybe free you from the responsibility of cooking for them).

Starting today and for this week only (sale ends on Wednesday, June 15th), use code CLASSOF2016 and enjoy 20% off all meal plan subscriptions and gifts . . .

. . . AND 50% off Nourish gift certificates! (If you’re considering joining the Nourish class of 2017, treat yourself! Purchasing a gift certificate for yourself is the best way to register for the next Nourish class.)

To see if these gifts are right for your grads, learn more about our meal plan subscription here and Nourish here.

I truly love graduation season. The bittersweetness of a chapter coming to a close and a new adventure beginning always gets me into a sappy mood. Honestly, I’ll be one of those parents who cries at her kid’s preschool graduation.

One of my favorite parts of the season is listening to the  new crop of inspiring commencement speeches. I even have a playlist of them that I played to Neko during her newborn days (the more noise, the better she slept!).

So just for fun, I’ve selected 5 inspiring commencement speech quotes for you to enjoy:

And to the Class of 2016 . . .

Go and embrace all that is ahead of you with gusto! I may not have an entire commencement speech written, but here’s a small bit of advice to take into the next chapter of your life:

Life is full of unexpected turns and your story will be ever changing. Don’t be afraid to ask for edits, to rip up drafts and to reimagine the ending (more than once).

It may not always make sense, but keep putting your pen to paper and write the best damn story you can.

If you love commencement speeches as much as I do, NPR has a whole subsite dedicated to them.

From now until Wednesday, 6/15, enjoy 20% off meal plan subscriptions and gifts and 50% off Nourish gift certificates with code CLASSOF2016

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