Chicken with Pan Sauce

Chicken with Pan Sauce Recipe by Cook Smarts @cooksmarts

We featured this pan-seared chicken with pan sauce on our August 26th meal plan menu. It was such a hit that we had to bring it back for our recent Favorites Week. A few of my favorite reviews below: "I was skeptical when I saw this dish. But it was SO freaking good! I love that sauce!" - Rosemary "Amazing!! Definitely one of my favorite things I have cooked." - Jessica "Yum! I ate and … [Read more...]

How to Sear Tofu

How to pan-sear tofu | Cooking Basics | Cook Smarts by Jess Dang

  Tofu used to be one of those ingredients that Asians or hippie vegetarians ate. Nowadays though it's becoming more and more common. I was on vacation in rural Maine a few weeks ago and noticed 2 varieties of tofu being sold at a small grocer. To me, this was a sign that tofu has become sort of American mainstream, but many folks still hesitate to buy tofu. I'll tell you it's just as easy … [Read more...]