3 Ways to Make Salads an Even Healthier Part of Your Life

Cooking Formulas for Salad Vinaigrettes via @cooksmarts #infographic

To make sure we’re doing everything we can to help you, I ask dozens of home cooks every single day, “What do you struggle with in the kitchen?” and I’ve received hundreds of heartfelt answers. Even though everyone’s situation is unique, I’ve noticed a lot of common goals and struggles. Instead of just answering all… Get the full serving >

Zucchini Salad with Pine Nuts and Mint

Zucchini Salad with Pine Nuts

I’m not going to lie. Zucchini is not my favorite vegetable. I frequently eat it because it cooks quickly, is always available, and it’s not that expensive. However, it’s never something I get really excited about. But I recently made a new cooking discovery, and now I’m craving zucchini. This change happened when I came… Get the full serving >

Greek Salad with Herbs

Greek Salad with Herbs

I’m one of those lucky women who’s married to someone who cares more about healthy living than I do. He’s the vegetarian; I love a bloody rare steak. He enjoys hummus and carrots for dessert; I gorge in a pint of Ben and Jerry’s next to him. We can be quite the odd couple. Luckily,… Get the full serving >

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