Chipotle Burgers with Guacamole

Chipotle Burgers with Guacamole

Yesterday we talked how to grill burgers, and today I’m sharing my favorite burger recipe of this summer: chipotle burgers with guacamole. This magical recipe was actually inspired by a rather mundane task; I was going through my typical Sunday routine, rooting through the fridge to see what needed to be used before spoiling, and… Get the full serving >

Mexican Meatballs with Fire-Roasted Tomato & Coconut Sauce

Mexican Meatballs Recipe by Cook Smarts

I’m super excited to share this recently-created Mexican Meatballs recipe and use it as an example of how easy it can be to create your own recipes. Even if you’re not an experienced cook, you probably are an experienced eater and that’s the only qualification you need to develop recipes. Just start paying attention to… Get the full serving >

Dirty Pesto Shrimp | “A Week’s Worth of Pesto Uses” Meal Plan

Dirty Pesto Shrimp | "A Week's Worth of Pesto" Meal Plan | Cook Smarts by Jess Dang

You’ll be seeing a lot more meal plans on Cook Smarts in the near future including a newsletter launch in the fall. All subscribers to the newsletter will get a meal plan every week in their inbox that’ll be peppered with cooking know-how, tips, and suggestions. There won’t be anything fancy in the menu –… Get the full serving >

Recipe for Roasted Broccoli with Tofu and Jalapenos

Roasted Broccoli with Tofu | Ingredient Spotlight | Cook Smarts by Jess Dang

This is the last recipe in our Ingredient Spotlight on broccoli this week, and I’ve saved the most common usage of broccoli in my kitchen for last. I love roasting vegetables, especially broccoli, which I know is not the most common preparation of broccoli. So many of us are used to seeing the overcooked mushy… Get the full serving >

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