Weekly Meal Plan Menu | Week of 8/24/15

Cook Smarts’ Weekly Meal Plan Service | Menu for 8/24/15 via @cooksmarts

Our Weekly Meal Plan Service Dinner Menu for August 24, 2015 Monday: Salmon-Basil Burgers with Fennel and Green Bean Salad Tuesday: Creamy Fettuccine with Zucchini, Mushrooms, Basil, and Peas Wednesday: Latin Spice-Rubbed Pork Chops with Tri-Color Slaw Thursday: Chipotle Shrimp a la Diabla with Leftover Tri-Color Slaw We do more than create meal plans. We create memories around the dinner … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Sides Round-Up: 10 Sides You Won’t Want to Miss Out on This Holiday

Top 10 Thanksgiving Sides via @CookSmarts #recipes

Everyone knows that while Thanksgiving’s main star is turkey, it’s really the sides that are the talk of the town. From mashed potatoes to green beans, we’re all about loading up our plate with comforting and delicious side dishes. So this week, we have compiled our Top 10 favorite side dishes that will go great with your upcoming Thanksgiving meal. You’ll be wanting thirds of everything! If … [Read more...]

Strawberry Fennel Arugula Salad

Side Dish via @cooksmarts: Strawberry Fennel Arugula Salad #recipe

When summer rolls around, we are all about 1) quick meals, and 2) strawberries. The last thing we want to do on a hot, sunny day is to slave away in a stuffy kitchen, with the stove and oven burning hot. Why do that when we can enjoy a quick and easy dinner outdoors with a refreshing glass of iced tea in hand? Which brings us to one of our favorite side dishes - salads. All you have to do is … [Read more...]

Turkey-Day Inspired Fennel and Apple Turkey Burgers

Fennel and apple turkey burgers by Cook Smarts

Who says Thanksgiving can only happen once a year? Certainly not me! When I find myself craving the flavors of Thanksgiving, I make this turkey-day inspired fennel and apple turkey burger recipe. It provides the sensation of the holiday without all the work, pressure, and hours of tending to a huge bird. From all of our experience at the Thanksgiving table, we’ve learned that turkey marries … [Read more...]

Fennel, Sausage, Cornbread Stuffing | My Favorite Thanksgiving Sides, Part IV

Mixing cornbread stuffing together

This is the last installment of our "My Favorite Thanksgiving Sides" series for this holiday season. You can catch up on the previous entries here: Part I: Miso-Butter Roasted Brussels Sprouts Part II: Kale, Apple, and Fennel Salad with Candied Pecans Part III: Swiss Chard & Sweet Potato Gratin A few common questions regarding stuffing: 1) Can you call it Thanksgiving dinner without … [Read more...]

Kale Salad with Apples, Fennel, and Candied Pecans | My Favorite Thanksgiving Sides, Part II

Kale Salad with Apples, Fennel, and Candied Pecans by Cook Smarts

When people plan their Thanksgiving menu, salad often doesn't make the cut. It's understandable. I mean when you have 3 types of sweet potato dishes, a deep-fried turkey, and 6 variety of pies, where can you even find room for salad on the table? Salad just seems so everyday and unsubstantial compared to Thanksgiving's heavy hitters. Why waste a coveted spot on your Thanksgiving line-up for raw … [Read more...]

Under 10 Minute Green Beans with Fennel

Microwaved Green Beans with Sauteed Fennel

In the Dang household vegetables were part of dinner every single night. Sometimes they were part of a more elaborate dish, like carrots and turnips in a chicken curry, but more often than not, they were just popped into a container with some water (and sometimes even butter) and microwaved. My mom would get home from a long day at work and in the rush to prepare dinner and ensure vegetables were … [Read more...]

Everything Tastes Better with Caramelized Onions

Different ways to use caramelized onions via @cooksmarts

Dear Cook Smarts, My cooking is feeling bland and boring. What can I do to add a little flavor that's quick and doesn't require investing in a lot of new spices or jarred sauces? Our simple answer: put some caramel in it. And by that we mean, some caramelized onions. There is a reason why the burgers are your local restaurant are so good - just this minor addition gives whatever you're … [Read more...]