Mediterranean Chicken Packets

Weeknight Meals via @cooksmarts: Mediterranean Chicken Packets #recipe

If you are new to Cook Smarts, you will soon find out that we love to cook en papillote. But don’t let that fancy name scare you off! It might sound like you should be sitting at a lovely outdoor French cafe, wine glass in hand, as you look out over the River Seine, and your server presents you with a steaming package of perfectly cooked fish and vegetables. (That sounds absolutely … [Read more...]

Fish {Tilapia} Baked en Papillote with a French Vinaigrette

Tilapia Baked en Papillote with a French Vinaigrette by Cook Smarts

If there is one fish recipe you should know, it's this one - baked fish en papillote. It's delicious, fool-proof, healthy, easy, budget-friendly, and fun. Does that check all the necessary boxes? Oh, did I mention it's easy? There is minimal prep and then it all goes into the oven, out of your sight for 10 minutes. You can use this time to sip a glass of wine, de-stress while enjoying the new … [Read more...]

Fish en Papillote with Shitake Mushrooms

Fish en Papillote with Shitake Mushrooms | Cook Smarts by Jess Dang

Fish en papillote - sounds fancy, eh?  Well, don't let this French term scare you away from one of the easiest and most fool proof ways to prepare fish. All "en papillote" means is "in parchment." The method just requires some minor origami folding skills (which is diagramed below), which creates a tightly sealed pouch that steams the ingredients inside. It's a simple and healthy dinner quick … [Read more...]