Weekly Meal Plan Menu | Week of 2/2/15

Cook Smarts’ Weekly Meal Plan Service | Menu for 2/2/15 via @cooksmarts

Our Weekly Meal Plan Service Dinner Menu for February 2, 2015 Monday: Oven Roasted Pork Chops with Black Beans, Cumin and Cilantro Slaw Tuesday: Skirt Steak Sandwich with Caramelized Onions + Zesty Romaine & Cabbage Side Salad Wednesday: Oven Roasted Chicken Thighs with Cauliflower Mash, Wilted Chard and Orange Thursday: Paneer Tomato and Spinach Curry with Rice We do more than create meal … [Read more...]

Shrimp Peanut Noodles

Shrimp Peanut Noodles | Weeknight Meal #recipe via @CookSmarts

If there are so many peanut noodle recipes out there, then why are we making one too? The short answer: It’s too good not to. Seriously, who doesn’t love a savory, creamy, peanutty sauce coating strands of slippery noodles and crunchy vegetables? (Unless you’re allergic to peanuts, of course. Or just don’t like peanuts in general. Then we suggest substituting with almond, cashew, or sunflower … [Read more...]

Weekly Meal Plan Menu | Week of 1/19/15

Cook Smarts’ Weekly Meal Plan Service | Menu for 1/19/15 via @cooksmarts

Our Weekly Meal Plan Service Dinner Menu for January 19, 2015 Monday: Maple-Thyme Panko Salmon with Avocado and Citrus Salad Tuesday: Skillet Chicken Thighs with Cabbage with Rice Pilaf Wednesday: Cabbage Rolls Stuffed with Pork and Leftover Rice Pilaf + Homemade Marinara Sauce Thursday: Egg and Mushroom Breakfast Tacos with Apple and Mixed Green Salad We do more than create meal plans. We … [Read more...]

Weekly Meal Plan Menu | Week of 12/1/14

Cook Smarts’ Weekly Meal Plan Service | Menu for 12/1/14 via @cooksmarts

Our Weekly Meal Plan Service Dinner Menu for December 1, 2014 Monday: Shrimp Peanut Noodles with Red Peppers and Cabbage Tuesday: Pan-Roasted Chicken + Gravy with Sauteed Cabbage & Apples and Pearl Couscous Wednesday: Italian Wedding Soup with Turkey Meatballs Thursday: Pureed Ginger Butternut Squash Soup with Kale, Apple, Pita Crouton Salad We do more than create meal plans. We create … [Read more...]

Mushu Chicken

Weeknight Meals via @CookSmarts: Mushu Chicken #recipe

What is your favorite Chinese take-out food? We’re sure everyone already has their favorite in mind. (Leave your answer in the comments below!) Veggie egg rolls, kung pao chicken, sweet and sour pork, Mongolian beef, egg foo-yung...the list goes on and on. So we thought we’d do everyone a favor and bring your favorite Chinese restaurant right to your kitchen for this week’s weeknight … [Read more...]

Tofu with Curried Cabbage and Carrots

Tofu Curried Cabbage #recipe via @cooksmarts

Not everyone is a tofu fan. Some of tofu's most common offenses are: 1) it tastes bland and 2) it's so mushy. Luckily this Tofu with Curried Cabbage and Carrots recipe features tofu that is flavorful and crispy. The key with tofu and really any protein is to maximize surface area for flavor. A solid block of tofu has a lot less surface area to coat in seasoning than one that's been chopped up. … [Read more...]

Black Bean and Leftover Rice Soup

Black bean and leftover rice soup by Cook Smarts

I grew up in a household that had no choice but to pinch pennies. We were immigrants - and not the wealthy kind that came here for their PhDs - more like the kind that came with a single suitcase, barely speaking any English. We lived month-to-month in a 2 bedroom apartment that housed 6 of us for 5 years before we upgraded to a 3 bedroom. If folks wonder why I have no concept of personal space, … [Read more...]

Panko-Crusted Fish Tacos with Lemony Coleslaw

Panko fish tacos

Today, we're lucky enough to have our panko-crusted fish tacos with lemony, creamy coleslaw recipe appear at Cup of Jo. You can get the full recipe over there, and see our how-to video right below. Enjoy this simple and delicious dinner that's sure to be a crowd pleaser this summer. If you want to pick up more cooking skills, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more smart how-to … [Read more...]

Thai Steak Salad and Tips for Grilling Steak

Thai Steak Salad Recipe

Happy Memorial Day! Before we dive into civilian celebration of this three-day weekend, I want to take a moment to recognize the fallen troops who can’t be with their families today. Thank you for making the freedom we enjoy in our lives possible. Whether you’re feasting in your own backyard or headed to an Arrested Development viewing party, I hope you take a moment in your day to reflect on the … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Rotisserie Chicken Tortilla Soup

Rotisserie Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe by Cook Smarts

Starting off the week with a productive Sunday night in the kitchen is honestly one of the best feelings. If you kick off your week with a slow cooker and a rotisserie chicken, I guarantee you your week will go amazingly well, at least in the cooking department. One of my favorite slow-cooker and rotisserie chicken combinations is a chicken tortilla soup. Because sometimes soups just don’t feel … [Read more...]