Sweet Treats for the Holidays

Holiday Desserts via @CookSmarts

There’s something about the holidays. Even as you pack your schedule in so tight it might explode, you can’t help but get into the spirit of things, whether it’s taking the time out to make a handmade gift for your mom, or planning a memorable shindig filled with delicious food and toe-tappin' music. Despite the chaos of running around getting last-minute shopping done, making final touches on … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Sides Round-Up: 10 Sides You Won’t Want to Miss Out on This Holiday

Top 10 Thanksgiving Sides via @CookSmarts #recipes

Everyone knows that while Thanksgiving’s main star is turkey, it’s really the sides that are the talk of the town. From mashed potatoes to green beans, we’re all about loading up our plate with comforting and delicious side dishes. So this week, we have compiled our Top 10 favorite side dishes that will go great with your upcoming Thanksgiving meal. You’ll be wanting thirds of everything! If … [Read more...]

Parmesan Garlic Bread

Parmesan Garlic Bread | Side Dish #recipe via @CookSmarts

You’re probably thinking, “Does anyone really need a recipe for garlic bread?” Truth is, no, you don’t need a recipe for buttery, garlicky bread. But does it hurt to have one more garlic bread recipe? Of course not! After all, you simply can’t go wrong with bread slathered with a butter garlic mixture. And when you sprinkle salty Parmesan cheese and fresh parsley on top, well, you’ve got one … [Read more...]

Chicken Banh Mi

Weeknight Meals via @CookSmarts: Chicken Banh Mi #recipe

Banh mi is a classic Vietnamese sandwich that is known for the bread, which is light and has a thin crust. The sandwich fixin's are a mix of French and Vietnamese ingredients - baguettes, pate, and mayonnaise from the French, and ingredients like cilantro, fish sauce, and pickled carrots that are native to Vietnam. But to us, what banh mi really means is an amazingly delicious sandwich that we … [Read more...]

Pan con Tomate

Weeknight Side Dishes via @CookSmarts: Pan con Tomate #recipe

We recently embarked on a culinary adventure to Spain, where we enjoyed classic, homestyle meals that are native to Spain - simple and delicious meals filled with seafood, tomatoes, and potatoes. We dined on refreshing ceviche and gazpacho; enjoyed a traditional Spanish tortilla; made a quick and delicious dish of mussels and chorizo; and indulged in a creamy saffron tomato sauce with shrimp … [Read more...]

Tomato Bruschetta

Side Dish via @CookSmarts: Tomato Bruschetta #recipe

For those who have never had this classic Italian antipasto before, bruschetta is a simple and delicious side dish made of grilled bread rubbed with fresh garlic, and topped with a mixture of tomatoes, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Yup! It’s that simple! But of course, it’s also delicious! So delicious that, even though it’s easy and quick to make at home, we still like to order it as an … [Read more...]

Peach and Heirloom Tomato Panzanella Salad

Peach and Heirloom Tomato Panzanella Salad | New Uses for Old Ingredients | Cook Smarts by Jess Dang

While most folks spend their summer months daydreaming about vacation and the beach, I spend mine daydreaming about this: Biting into the perfect peach, juices oozing down my chin Picking the perfect tomato that needs little more than a dash of salt and a splash of balsamic Tossing olive oil on stale bread and giving it new life Luckily, since it is summer, this daydream can easily be … [Read more...]