The Ultimate Infographic Guide to Spices via @cooksmarts

The Ultimate Infographic Guide to Spices

We are diving into the exciting world of spices in Week 2 of our How to Maximize Flavor Cook Smarts 101 series. What makes spices so exciting? Let’s use the analogy of an artist. You as the cook are the artist and spices are your paints - they can bring a blank canvas (or dish) to life! They allow you to be creative and adventurous with your cooking and best of all, they prevent you from eating … [Read More...]

Maria: Hero in the Kitchen via @CookSmarts

Maria: Discovering Tasty Meals for a Healthy Lifestyle

Don't be afraid to fail and don't be afraid to try new things. Learning and finding meals you love requires a bit of both. -Maria #KitchenHero Tweet this As a personal trainer, Maria knows that to be healthy is not only about having an active … [Read More...]

5 Simple Dinners that Make Delicious Lunches by Cook Smarts

5 Dinners that Make Great Lunch Leftovers

Whether you have kids or not, you have probably struggled over what to pack for lunch. We are a huge fan of enjoying dinner leftovers for next day lunches - it’s less expensive and healthier than eating out, and it’s one less thing to think about! … [Read More...]

Weeknight Meals via @CookSmarts: Hasselback Potatoes #recipe

Hasselback Potatoes

Does anyone out there not like a good ol’ potato side dish? Okay, well, maybe if you’re paleo, or want to cut carbs, or just don’t like taters, then potato dishes aren’t for you. But many of you could probably agree with us when we say that potatoes … [Read More...]

Weeknight Meals via @CookSmarts: Balsamic Chicken Kebabs #recipe

Balsamic Chicken Kebabs

Grill season is the perfect time to have guests over to indulge in delicious foods with a charred, smoky flavor. There’s just something about being in good company, sharing conversations over barbecued meat and veggies! Take this quote by Julia … [Read More...]

Cook Smarts’ Weekly Meal Plan Service | Menu for 8/25/14 via @cooksmarts

Weekly Meal Plan Menu | Week of 8/25/14

Our Weekly Meal Plan Service Dinner Menu for August 25, 2014 | Let's Travel to Italy! Monday: Seafood Pasta with Mussels and Calamari and Radicchio and Mixed Green Salad Tuesday: Grilled Rosemary Bisteca and Vegetables with Sun-dried Tomato Pesto … [Read More...]

Jenn: Hero in the Kitchen via @CookSmarts

Jenn: Eating Right and Enjoying Life

When a fresh, healthy dinner came together in minutes, I felt like cooking clicked for me. -Jenn #KitchenHero Tweet this Even though there are a lot of diets out there that tell you how to eat right, Kitchen Hero Jenn learned that the best way … [Read More...]

Back to School Lunch Essentials Giveaway from @cooksmarts

Back to School Get Pampered and Lunch Essentials Giveaway

Back to school is a hectic but exciting time for the entire family. There’s a lot to get ready for, but a new year of learning, friends, and experiences lies ahead! Parents, we think you’re champs for surviving the summer. To help you gear up for … [Read More...]

Weeknight Meals via @CookSmarts: Portobello Pesto Pizzas #recipe

Portobello Pesto Pizzas

We can’t say this enough, but...we LOVE pizza. There’s just something about a crispy crust, tomato sauce, melty cheese, veggies, and meat, all baked together, that is just wonderfully delicious. And as people who love to cook, whenever we love … [Read More...]

Cook Smarts’ Weekly Meal Plan Service | Menu for 8/18/14 via @cooksmarts

Weekly Meal Plan Menu | Week of 8/18/14

Our Weekly Meal Plan Service Dinner Menu for August 18, 2014 | Let's Travel to Vietnam! Monday: Lemongrass Shrimp Kebabs with Radish and Carrot Salad Tuesday: Chicken Banh Mi with Sriracha Mayo and Pineapple Spears Wednesday: Chicken Summer Rolls … [Read More...]

Hadley: Hero in the Kitchen via @CookSmarts

Hadley: Keeping Cooking Simple and Satisfying

Cooking allows me to feed myself and my family the healthiest meals possible, free of scary ingredients! -Hadley #KitchenHero Tweet this Cooking is a continuous learning process, as Kitchen Hero Hadley knows. And keeping things simple doesn’t … [Read More...]