How to grate carrots in a food processor

I don’t know what your summers are like, but mine are filled with picnics at nearby parks and BBQs in our backyard with friends. While I love to cook, I love being efficient even more. My 14 cup food processor is one of my most relied on tools for saving time in the kitchen, so instead of spending all day in the kitchen, I can go outside and play!

In today’s “How-to Tuesday” series, I’m going to show you how to grate carrots with a food processor using the super-handy grater attachment (every food processor comes with one – not something extra you have to buy) just in time for summer slaws and salads. If you haven’t opened up the food processor you got as a wedding gift 5 years ago (yes, I’m looking at you), let this how-to tip be your motivation to dig it out of storage. It’s so easy to use that it feels like magic, and every kitchen could use some magic, right?

After grating carrots, use it in our shrimp vermicelli bowls or fish tacos with cabbage slaw. Both are great recipes to brighten up summertime eating.

Grated carrots in a food processor

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  • I love this, and here’s why — for YEARS I had a food processor just sitting there and grated my carrots on the cheese grater. And then one day it hit me that I didn’t have to make life so hard. Best realization in the kitchen for a long time! Thank you for showing others how easy it is 🙂

  • Thx Tiffany! It is the most amazing thing. I use it for potatoes when I’m making latkes, jicama, papaya, and cabbage for salads, and of course, cheese. I barely even use my cheese grater anymore.

  • Cheese! How did I never think of that?! My life will never be the same…

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  • I’m looking to “grate” my carrots, not shred— you used the shredder attachment. There’s a grater attachment which is really what I’m looking for 🙁

  • sheila johnson

    what you showed is shredded not grated, but thanks any way.

  • Rayvonne Winters

    Could you use it in carrot cake?

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